Mount Nemrut National Park / Adıyaman

The Mountain with its height is a unique cultural heritage not only for our country but for the whole world. It is precisely for this reason that UNESCO has not remained indifferent to Mount Nemrut and has included it in the list of world cultural heritage. In other words, the statue of Nemrut, which is described as the eighth wonder of the world, is the most important reason for adding it to this list. There is an inscription next to the statue. There are also mausoleums along with the inscriptions.

King Rock Tombs / Amasya

Amasya, the city whose every street smells of history, hosted both Ottoman and pre-Ottoman civilizations. The King’s Rock Tombs, one of the most well-known centers in its history, were carved into limestone rocks extending vertically like a flat wall on the skirts of Amasya Castle.

You can reach the tombs by passing through the narrow streets of Hatuniye District. Between the tombs, there are paths and stairs carved into the rock. Although it is known that there are 21 tombs of various sizes along the Yeşilırmak Valley, only a few have survived to the present day.

Duden Waterfall / Antalya

It is a pleasure to even introduce this place and I would like to express that I am very excited that such a place is within the borders of Turkey. Düden waterfall is overflowing with tourists from all over the world who come to visit. At the entrance of the waterfall, you can ride camels and take a beautiful memory photo. There are many souvenir shops and food places inside the waterfall, and there is also a Youth Park. The water of the Düden waterfall pours into the sea with a loud noise from a height of 50 meters on the Lara beach, which is about 15 km away.

Ataturk Statue / Artvin

The statue, which was built on 7.5 acres of land on Ata Tepe, at the foot of Genya Mountain, which is the most visible part of Artvin, has the distinction of being the largest Atatürk statue in Turkey and the world. Its height is 22 meters and its weight is 60 tons. 40 tons of steel and 10 tons of copper, 10 tons of different materials were used. A total of 1,480 pieces were used for the statue, which symbolizes Atatürk’s stance in Afyon Kocatepe before the Great Offensive Victory. In addition, a Turkish flag of 216 square meters with a pole length of 60 meters is waving next to the statue.

Yedigoller National Park / Bolu

Yedigöller, which has a quiet and calm nature, is an ideal place for those who want to escape the tiring and overwhelming effect of city life. It has many different landscapes. There are different landforms, waterfalls and walking paths for those who want to trek.

The surroundings of the lakes  It is covered with broad-leaved trees such as beech, oak, hornbeam, alder, ash, elm, linden and coniferous trees such as larch, yellow pine and fir. It is one of the most beautiful forest areas in Turkey. The beech trees and other broad-leaved trees, which take on all kinds of colors from yellow to red tones especially in autumn days, offer beautiful frames especially for photography enthusiasts.

Gölcük Nature Park / Bolu

The park has a wonderful view of the artificially made lake. This place, which offers us the beauties of nature in every season, is just one of thousands of beauties waiting to be discovered in our country. The lake and its surroundings have been taken under protection by national parks as a resting place in the forest. You can easily walk around the lake as it is forbidden to enter by car. You should see this nature park as soon as possible, which is visited by many visitors throughout the year to see, travel, take photos and have picnics.

Salda Lake – Yesilova / Burdur

It is one of the places that best illustrates Turkey’s hidden geological perfection. We can say that the attraction of Salda, which has become much more famous recently, is increasing. The reason for this is the work done by the Burdur – Yeşilova Municipality, to which Salda is affiliated. These include not only promotional activities, but also the satisfaction with the free services offered to those who come to visit Salda lake and the fact that everyone recommends Salda to others, increasing the popularity of the lake.

Golyazi Village / Bursa

Gölyazı Village is a small fishing village located on the shores of Uluabat Lake in Bursa’s Nilüfer District. Is there such a place in Turkey with its landscape and environmental structure? Although it has a beauty that makes one say, many people are not aware of its existence. Even certain parts of Bursa do not even know that this place is in Bursa. We wanted to introduce you to this village more closely by exchanging ideas with our writers in Bursa.

Locals love to fish from seven to seventy, usually on weekends. As we mentioned at the beginning, this is a small fishing village. In this village, both men and women are fishing, and you can come across women sitting on the street and knitting fishing nets. And I would especially like to point out that the people of the village are friendly, very warm-blooded and hospitable.

Ulu Mosque / Bursa

Ulu Mosque, the most magnificent mosque in Bursa, was originally built by Architect Ali Neccar on the orders of Bayezid I during the Ottoman period to be used as a zawiya (see: lodges and zawiyas). Its construction started in 1396 and after 3 years of work, it was built in 1399. completed. Covering an area of ​​5000 square meters, Ulu Mosque is the largest mosque in Turkish history in terms of covered prayer area. It is also a bit far from the known Ottoman architect structure. It does not have a main dome, but has 20 domes, and the dome in the middle is covered with glass for lighting.

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